Welcome to the
Savana Bar!

Peter and Simon welcome you to the Official Savana Bar Website.

Savana Bar is situated at the far end of the fantastic, traditional fishing village of Panteli, Leros - just walk along the harbour front and you'll find us.

Simon and I are English. We've run the bar since 1996, taking it over from Savas (a local celebrity!) and like to think we have imparted our own special atmosphere to the place. We are open in the evenings from about 8pm until the last person leaves in the early hours (remember that most local people don't come out until about midnight) serving cocktails, long drinks, beers, juices, coffee, tea and some specialities that you really have to be brave or crazy to try.

Simon making a Flaming Lamborghini!The bar has four separate and individual areas:

The inside bar, where you can sit at the bar and enjoy scintillating repartee with Simon and me and perhaps sink a few shots to help you understand our quirky humour.

The outside Marble Bar, a favourite place for playing backgammon. Try a game against the local heroes, or if you're not too confident, play with yourselves, or just sit and sip your drink at one of the cosy little tables.

The outside harbour area, where you can sit and look out over the fishing boats and the view of Panteli with the music in the background.

PeterThe Garden, a quiet area (no music), a place to relax and chat over your favourite drink and unwind after your busy Leros day.

For these reasons we feel we've created a bar that appeals to all kinds of people, all age groups and tastes. You can relax in a quiet area or have a more lively time if you want. The music is never too loud, you can always talk, you don't have to shout. This doesn't mean you can't have a dance!

We're looking forward to seeing you on Leros, in Panteli, at Savana.


Click here for a map of Panteli, Leros.